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My Voice and the Why

Southern Blessed Chaos started out as a simple hobby, quickly turning into a passion. I've always loved the written word and fancied myself as a writer. As my passion grew I began to realize the need for a humorous look at a not-so-funny life. As a stay at home Mom of kids with special needs, I myself have fallen into the depths of loneliness, depression,  and isolation many times.

There needs to be a "Mommy safe place" where judgement stops at the front door and both laughter and tears are welcomed inside. My goals are to give all Mothers that secure and non-judgemental place of comfort. Let them know, parenting can be hard but it is okay to enjoy the moment. It is okay to be laugh...and to smile more.

Life is complicated enough! I live a simple life built on my southern roots and christian upbringing focused on the values of family, respect, and love. I truly hope my readers feel as if they are sitting on my front porch, ice tea in hand having an engaging conversation with an old friend.

Target Audience

My audience comes from all over the world, because, let's face it... parenting issues are universal. The ages seem to range globally, as well, from 16 to 74.

However, my blog's targeted audiences are in 3 different categories. Those being…

1. Family Activities
2. Thrifty Living and DIY
3. Parenting (with a strong focus on kids with special needs)

Marketing Venues

SBC Newsletters via Email

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Guest Posts

Sponsored Posts

Ad Placement

Even though all opinions and recommendations are of my own opinion, every marketing or affiliate opportunity, including guest and sponsored posts, will be treated with respect and integrity towards the product and/or the company.

That's just how I roll!

For collaboration or guest postings feel free to DM me on your social media of choice or I can be reached by email.

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Hi, there! My name is Shannon Dewease and I'm so happy you found my blog. I am from beautiful South Mississippi and live here with my family. My life can get a little chaotic, comical, and down right complicated, as you will find out. I can't wait to begin sharing my misadventures with you!

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