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Meet Lauren

Lauren is my second child, my only daughter, and my mini me!

She is an artist, a singer, creative, intelligent, and a hand full (as most teen girls are!)

She, also, has ADHD, high anxiety, Tourettes, and Aspergers. Whew, that's a mouth full!

All of these things really affect the way her brain perceives reality and situations. She has had to "retrain" herself in a lot of areas. You can read what kind of turmoil this can cause in her daily life here in Perceptions.

She had to really work to be where she is today, and I'm so proud to say the least. To read about her journey this far, take a look at my post,
It hasn't been super easy for her, as you will find out.

Of course, as with all special needs children, her diagnoses provide what we call Super Powers. (Read more here in my "Welcome" post!)

And while she has many, you can learn about one particular super power through "The Laurenism". A fun post about how wordy she can get!

Speaking of the Laurenism, you can follow #laurenism on Instagram and Twitter

Follow her adventures as she grows and see where life takes her.

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So, join my chaos! Because who knows which roads parenting is going to lead you down next. You might as well enjoy the scenery as you go!

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