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Meet Chad


My firstborn...

My only son...

The one who made me a Mother.

He is and always will be my first of many firsts!

Chad was born at 38 weeks, induced due to pre-eclampsia (my blood pressure was dangerously high).

And his mission in this life has been to continue rising my blood pressure ever since! Mamas of boys can definitely relate to this fact!

After he was born, he had some complications keeping him hospitalized in the neonatal unit. After being transferred from where he was born to a different hospital's neonatal unit, he was over a month old when we were able to bring our precious new bundle of joy home!

As he developed and time grew, he wasn't hitting his normal milestones. So, from a very early age, we were on a never ending journey of doctors, questions, tears, and joys. 

Chad's development issues were due to a translocation of chromosomes 10 and 22. Without bogging you down in details, basically it is that the 10th chromosome switched places with the 22nd. In doing so, some of the genetic material in the 22nd disappeared. We always say that his 10th chromosome ate part of 22!

I know you are wondering exactly what genetic material was lost, well, we don't know. And may never know. 

What we do know is that Chad is just Chad. And that's good enough for us.

He takes much longer to grow, to learn new routines, difficulty with fine motor skills, and trouble speaking. He is, also, a Mastermind manipulator, a brilliant puzzle solver, loves computers, learned a lot of sign language, adores water, builds amazing towers, and enjoys life to the fullest!

To read more about Chad, check out the posts below! And check back on this page as new content will be added!

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