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Friday, February 16, 2018

For my Son...19 Things I Love About You

19 years ago, the most precious thing happened. I became a Mom. I can't believe how fast the years can fly by.

In honor of your birthday, Chad, I wanted to share 19 reasons that I love you with all my heart.

1. I love how I had to teach you to cry, but you came here already knowing how to laugh.

2. I love how you have showed all those people and doctors wrong and thrived full of life.

3. I love how resilient you are. No matter how many doctors or therapists you have had to see, you kept doing it with a smile.

4. I love your smile.

5. I love your turbo charged personality.

6. I love how you always have something funny to say.

7. I love your laugh.

8. I love your goofy sense of humor.

9. I love your amazing talent of being able to stretch your ears out.

10. I love your clowning around.

11. I love how no one's watermelon is safe around you.

12. I love your country boy style.

13. I love how you find joy in the simple things.

14. I love how much you love animals and babies.

15. I love the fact that you inherited my love for holiday decorating.

16. I love your awesome tower building skills.

17. I love seeing your joy and enthusiasm in knocking them down.

18. I love your hugs.

19. I love you simply because you are YOU!

Happy Birthday, my Chad! May the force be with you always!

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