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Friday, February 2, 2018

February Facebook Challenge

💕I looove February! 💕

Not only is it Valentine's, but also Chad's birthday (check out 19 Things I Love), Mardi Gras and, of course, the Super Bowl!!

A whole lotta fun and parties packed into this little month!

So, I decided to create a fun challenge. Are you up for it?

Do you accept the mission, my Master Ninjas?!

If that's a yes, then continue on! (if your answer was no, then change your answer!)

Here's the challenge info! 

Everyday of February I am going to post a pic of something that I love. Yep, everyday.

Oh, come on! It's a short month and I know you have 1279 pics on your phone of things you love.

Your pet, a coffee moment, a sunset, your favorite kid (I won't tell the others that they aren't your favorite!) or anything else you love!

Just keep it family friendly, I don't want to know that you have a great collection of dirty socks that you love!)

Want in?

Do you accept your mission?
Well then head on over to my Facebook page, Southern Blessed Chaos, and look for the challenge post!

Not challenging enough for you?!

Share my challenge post on your Facebook page and see what kinds of great things your fans love!

Use the hashtag #whatdoyoulovechallenge, so that I can join in on your page!

Comment below and let me know if you accept!

And if you share my challenge on your Facebook, I'll join yours, as well!

Don't forget to use #whatdoyoulovechallenge!

Now get to posting those beautiful pics (just not the socks!) 

Has Valentines Day got you in a slump?

Take a gander at my Top 5 Worst Valentine Gifts from my Sweet (but clueless) Husband for a good laugh!


  1. February is my favorite month for some many reasons. It’s black history month, my birthday month, and a month full of love! I think this is an awesome idea for you to post things that you love everyday. It helps to recognize the joys that we have and can share with others.

    1. Yes, you totally get it! A daily reminder of what we love and our many blessings can be so therapeutic to one's soul! Thanks for stopping by, Tysheira!

  2. What a fun idea!!! I'm terrible at taking pics, haha! Need to get better 💕

  3. Thanks, Mara! Start practicing with just snapshots of a cloud, a pretty flower, or a busy street! You will get better, I promise. And you might find a new hobby to love!



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