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Sunday, January 21, 2018

21 Fun Activities on a Snowday When it is Too Cold to Play in the Snow

Some of the most treasured words in a child's life is that phrase...Tomorrow is a snow day, no school.

Here in South MS, we seldom hear those words! But this winter has brought us not one, but two beautiful snowfalls!

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However, as a snow event usually does, it brought along with it a lot of ice and well below normal temps with it.

The first snowfall was magical and beautiful, 6 inches here at our house! The temperature was mild, the sun was out and we enjoyed playing in it all day!

The second, was not so much fun.

It rained for hours before the snow arrived and was bitterly cold. It, also, had a huge North wind bringing the wind chills down to below 0!

Well, needless to say because of this schools were shut down and we were stuck at home.

No building a ⛄ for us, just too cold!

So, I turned on my Ninja Mama skills and came up with some fun activities, to make the days still memorable for the kids! And I wanted to share them with you.

Here we go!

  1. Make paper snowflakes
  2. Bake cookies and decorate as snowflakes
  3. Build an indoor snowman using blocks, empty boxes, or empty plastic bottles
  4. Have a Nerf gun snowball fight
  5. Build an indoor snow fort
  6. Make soup with the kids
  7. Make snow ice cream
  8. Craft a snowman from paper plates
  9. Watch a favorite movie
  10. Have a contest to see who can wear the most clothes at one time
  11. Have a pillow fight
  12. Build a snack snowman with powdered donuts, pretzels, and candy
  13. Make a big batch of hot coco
  14. Make homemade marshmallows (snowballs)
  15. Have your kids make up a story
  16. Put on a play about their story
  17. Have a sock puppet show
  18. Make a homemade pizza, or better yet, a dessert pizza
  19. Blast the music and just dance away
  20. Have a karaoke party with hairbrushes
  21. Have a spa day with the kids

So, there you have it. Just remember to always have fun and enjoy the time with your kids! After all, they grow up so fast and snow days are few and far between (at least for us!)

For more great ideas check out my post on An Indoor Campout Party!

Or if the winter blues have you down, go with a Welcome to Summer party (inside, of course, it's cold out there!)

What kind of indoor activities do you enjoy with your kids during a harsh winter? Let me know below!

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