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Sunday, December 31, 2017

My New Years Resolutions Top 5 Fails

It's that time of year again. New Years... a time of renewal, another chance, a fresh start.

And the time for those darn New Year Resolutions!

Yep, I use to think and ponder, and come up with the best lists possible to improve upon and reach those higher goals for the upcoming new year.
USED to do it. After years of setting unachievable goals, I gave up.

Yes, I know, I'm a quitter and a failure.

But here's why I quit setting these ridiculous ideals that never seemed to pan out! I present to you, a countdown of my top 5 resolution fails!

#5 Lose weight.

This is a classic for me and I always put it on the list. But it is so vague! 5 pounds? 30 pounds? Who knows!

Pass me that cupcake will ya?

Just be healthy! Want that cupcake, go ahead! Just don't eat the whole box!
#4 Keep the house clean and tidy.

Let's get real. I have 2 teens, a husband, a dog, and a herd of cats. Clean and tidy ain't happening at the same time.

Life is chaotic. Messes happen.

Do you have clean clothes? Yes.

Does every dish in the house have to be clean? No.

Is the roof going to collapse if the beds aren't made every morning? No.

Can the kids play with their toys in the living room? Yes! Toys can be picked up later.

Enjoy the fact that your child wants to be in the same room as you because that won't last forever! It's your home, LIVE in it!
#3 I will look presentable everyday, makeup and hair done.

Well, seeing as it is 10:30 on a Sunday morning and I am writing this in my pjs, this one fails miserably!

Look folks, I am a stay at home Mama. If I'm at home, why shouldn't I be comfortable?!

And really, what's the point of wearing makeup if I'm hanging with the kids all day?

Trust me, I don't have Sudden Selfie Syndrome where I will be posting selfies of me and my morning hair every few minutes! You are welcome!
#2 I will manage my time like a boss.

I've tried the beautiful planners, and the expensive management systems.

I've done lists, notes, paper, electronics, doesn't matter. If I was managing my time like a boss, I would most definitely fire myself!

There are only so many hours in a day. You can't change that. Micro managing those hours won't magically create another hour or two.

When I find the planner system that factors in my daughter's melt downs, or my son's bathroom accidents, or a flat tire on the car, I will jump on it!

But until then, eh, life happens. Do what you can.
#1 I will make more money, save more money, and spend it wisely investing in my future.

I'll be honest with you. We are a one income family. My husband is a hard worker, working long hours to bring home that paycheck.

But that paycheck can only stretch so far! I am very frugal and very talented at juggling bills around, keeping our utilities on, and having food on our table.

We don't have cable or satellite (yep our house sports that big ole antennae on our roof!) We don't have internet, except for my phone. We don't go to the movies or big fancy dinners.

But what we do have is family movie night where we rent some movies from the local library.

We have a vast backyard with wooded trails to explore.

We have breakfast for supper at least once a week.

We have fun. We have love. And most of all, we have each other! Doesn't that make me the richest person in the world?!
So, there you have it. My top 5 resolution fails and why I don't believe in them anymore.

Perhaps I do have one resolution every year.... Live everyday to be a better person than you were yesterday.

Simple enough, don't you think?

So, any resolutions you have given up on?

Let me know in the comments! And, as always, I would love a share!

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