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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Shhh...Dont Tell My Kids! I Still Believe in Santa

I do. I still believe in Santa.

Ok, ok...maybe not in the jolly Ole St. Nick delivering presents with his reindeer driven sleigh. I believe in the Christmas Spirit. I believe in the miracles of the season. I believe in the goodness of people's hearts. I believe in everlasting love.

I know it's hard to see the Christmas spirit in all the hustle and bustle this time of year. There are longer lines at the checkouts, sold out toys, and don't even get me started on the traffic delays!

But there is so much wonder to see if you look carefully, and listen with your heart!

  • I see kids eyes light up at getting that first glimpse of Santa at a Christmas parade.

  • I can see the cardinals coming in my backyard relishing in the seeds I left out for them.

  • I can hear my children sing along when a favorite Christmas carol plays on the radio.

  • I can smell the wonderful aroma of baking cookies, as we gather the icing and sprinkles to decorate.

  • I feel the warmth of the fire burning bright in the fireplace heating my living room to perfect cozy.

  • I taste the hot cocoa as it warms me up from the inside out! 

So much wonder as the days get shorter, and the nights get colder.

I know this time is very busy for everyone. So much to do! But don't forget to take the time to enjoy it. Take the time to spread some joy. Take the time to savor all that this amazing season has to offer.

  • While waiting in that long line, give the person behind you a smile or a complement.

  • When stuck in that awful traffic jam, sing a Christmas Carol with the radio like you don't have a care in the world!

  • Leave that exhausted waitress, who is worrying about keeping the heat on, an extra dollar or two.

  • Go to your local elementary school and pay a child's overdue lunch balance.

  • Clean out your chests and closets to donate blankets and coats to your local homeless shelter.

  • Take your neighbor with the cold a pot of soup.

  • And tell someone Merry Christmas and mean it!

Spread some love today and keep the spirit of Christmas alive in your heart all year long!

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