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Friday, October 13, 2017

9 (Free!) Fall Family Activities To Enjoy Right Now

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It's Fall, Y'all! Oh yeah, I went there.

I am confident enough to use an outdated overly used phrase. But, hey, I'm from the South, and it is Fall...Y'all!

Finally​, my favorite season is upon us. I love everything about it! The seasonal colors, cool breezes, crisp leaves on the ground, and less mosquitoes! There are so many reasons to love Fall!

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Of course, with the start of this majestic season, also, comes school expenses, fall wardrobe purchases, football games, school fundraisers, fall festivals, Halloween carnivals, etc! Everytime I turn around I am spending more money, which I don't have a lot to begin with.

So, how can you spend quality time with the kids without spending major dollars?

Let me tell you a few of my secrets! Just try some of these and pretty soon your kids (and you) will be loving this season and discovering the amazing bounty that Fall has to offer! All without spending a dime!

So, get out and enjoy it!

Take a walk!

Simple, I know. Don't walk for exercise. Don't restrict yourself to a certain time frame or path. Just walk.

Through the woods, to a park, or around your neighborhood. Let the kids lead which way to go.

Check out the changing foliage. How many flowers can you find? How many different colored leaves?

My daughter used to love to bring a sketch book, so she can sketch the scenery. My son loved to collect leaves and brought a bucket to put them in.

Just be sure to take your camera and snap spur of the moment shots!

Rake leaves into piles...then jump!

Ok, if you are a little bit of a control freak like me, this one maybe difficult. But get over it! Who doesn't love jumping and rolling into a huge pile of leaves?

And it's even more fun if you have a leaf blower handy!

Bake a cake for no reason!

Or cupcakes, brownies, or cookies! This is a perfect rainy day activity that your kids can get really excited about. Let them loose to help decorate or suprise them with a beautiful creation of your own!

Apple picking? Nope, not here. But how about an Apple Bar Party?!

As much fun as picking apples would be, there is no where local to go where I live!

So, instead, we have an Apple Bar Party.

Pick up your favorite apples from the store (they were probably already on the grocery list anyway, right?)

Gather up all the toppings you can think of. A few of our faves are chocolate chips, peanut butter, caramel, sprinkles, mini marshmallows, raisins, cinnamon sugar...Really, the sky is the limit here!

And have your kids go town making their own tasty combos! If you are feeling brave, try melted chocolate!

Have an impromptu backyard picnic!

This is so simple. Blanket, sandwiches, snacks, drinks, and the kids!

I know, picnics are famous for beaches, summer, and springtime. But why?

Kids bored on Saturday, suprise them!

Mine even get excited and make their own sandwiches in anticipation! And, always keep paper plates handy, no dishes! Now, that's a win win win situation!

Have a campout in the backyard!

Now, if you are anything like me the idea of camping brings the words no, nope, nada, not happening to mind.

I mean, an RV or a cabin is fine but I gotta have indoor plumbing!

But stay with me on doesn't have to be an all nighter!

Make it a big event for the kids! A small campfire, marshmallows for roasting, s'mores, some music and you are ready to dance the night away!

Grill out burgers or hotdogs, break out the chips, have some goodies for smores and you are set!

Let the kids tell the campfire stories, they have the greatest imaginations!

Want a bonus tip? Keep glow sticks on hand, just for occasions such as this. Their light won't hurt sensitive eyes and kids love them!

Have an inside campout!

Once a year, my husband goes on a job over the weekend. When the kids were upset about it, I decided to start our annual Inside Campout! (We love this so much, it became a treasured family tradition! See how it all came about in my post It's an Inside Campout!)

Same as a regular campout but Mama Ninja style. (Remember now, I have to have indoor plumbing!).

We turn our den into a campsite, complete with a makeshift fort, or tent. That's the kids job!

Meanwhile, I fix all their favorites. Pizza, nachos, chocolate chip cookies, and even smores! You know you can cook those babies right up in the microwave or oven, right?

Then, we get all set up to binge watch some movies that they have picked out. Before long they are ready for lights out and we sleep right there in our forts.

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Build a rope or tire swing!

This one may take a little forethought but well worth it if you can swing the materials. Sorry for the pun! It doesn't have to be super fancy, the kids will love its simplicity! I mean who doesn't love a good swing?

Create an outdoor reading nook!

If your little one enjoys reading like my daughter, they always have a book ready to go!

We have reading nooks inside, so why not bring them outdoor in the crisp air!

You can make one out of a pallet, or as I did an old swing!

Throw some shade and pillows in and you will be set for your next big adventure in a book!

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So there you have it. Just a few ways to get outside, spend some quality time with the kids, and not have to take out a loan to have some fun!

What are you waiting for? Fall won't be here for long, and the kids are growing more everyday. Enjoy this amazing season together!

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