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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Surprise Visit from a Newfound Friend

At our little house, our backyard consists of some beautifully wooded land. Someone with a lot of forethought cut out a few different trails that we have been exploring since we moved here. My kids, husband, and I love to walk these trails, particularly during Fall or Spring when the colors are changing so wonderfully!there is always something new to see or find at every turn.
But this one particular day, something found us!

My husband was taking the lead, with me close behind, and my son following after. When Barry stopped and shushed us, I knew something was on the trail with us. Of course, the immediate thoughts running through my head are coyote, bear, snake, or any other type of animal looking for an easy meal of us!  But when I looked up there stood a beautiful young buck just a few feet ahead of us looking straight back at me!

I couldn't believe he was this close, I mean, we had been tromping through the woods and making all kinds of noises that should have him running the other way. Then he turned and we saw his orange collar. He was someone's pet! Barry held his hand out and he came a little closer. By then, Chad (my son) had become a little spooked at the closeness of this seemingly wild animal and wanted to head home. So, we said our goodbyes and started back down towards the house.

The deer kept following slowly, until he was with us in our yard. He took an immediate liking to my daughter, as most animals do.  Seriously, I call her Snow White all the time. She has an amazing love for animals and I think they can see that in her eyes. You can see how he played with her in the short video below.  He was, also, trying to play with our very confused and anxious Maltese, Presley.

So, our newfound friend stayed with us for about 45 minutes playing and exploring our world.  And for me and my family, it was purely magical, unexpected, and something we will never forget.

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