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Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Pinterest Chest

Hello my name is Shannon and I am addicted to Pinterest.  No, really...I am OBSESSED!  I love the idea of a digital bulletin board, it's genius!  I can explore on there all day, if I'm not careful. 

My two favorite things are cooking and creating something out of "junk".  I love finding something useless and see its future potential to be used in a completely different way!  Not only does upcycling or recycling items help our planet, it also helps my little bitty tiny budget around the house!  Let me give you an example. 
We don't have central heat in the winter but we use our fire place daily! This means lots of trips outside to the wood pile into our living room.  After a particularly cold day (and the 4th trip carrying wood), my husband  said we have got to buy one of those carrying bags for the wood logs.  If he could carry more it would mean less trips in and out!  Being the resourceful, creative, wonderful wife that I am (no really, I swear he says that like all the time- wink wink), I went to my closet and found one of my numerous little carry all bags.  You know the kind that you can get for a dollar at every store? I grabbed my good scissors and cut it down each side and viola! You've got an open carryall with handles on each side.  My husband was both amazed at my ingenuity and ticked off that I hadn't thought of it sooner!  Oh well, I was his hero for 5 seconds anyway.

This, folks, is why I love Pinterest!  Sharing ideas or a solution to a problem is always a grand idea!  I will be posting some great ideas, recipes, or diy projects that I found on Pinterest here.  Yes, even my fails!  Maybe you will find something to inspire you, or in the case of one of my major fails something to laugh about!

So, if you haven't been to Pinterest, what are you waiting for?! Follow me (click here to follow me on Pinterest!) if you like, or if you need an invitation to get started let me know!

Happy Pinning!

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